Tax and Fiscal Policy


Public Chair: Representative Ken Weyler, New Hampshire

Private Chair: Amanda Klump, Altria


Jonathan Williams, Director
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William Freeland, Research Analyst
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Kati Siconolfi, Legislative Manager
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Ben Wilterdink, Research Analyst
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Task Force Documents

ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force is dedicated to researching and promoting sound economic policy aimed at creating a pro-growth atmosphere in state economies. Policies that promote economic growth and increase state competitiveness are achieved by reducing excessive government spending and limiting the overall tax burden. The Task Force’s legislative members are at the forefront of developing sound, fiscally responsible, and free market tax and fiscal policies to address the needs that the states now face.

The Task force has pioneered policies that increase budget transparency, promote state spending limitations, require super-majorities for tax increases, implement dynamic revenue forecasting, and many more. The Task Force has four Subcommittees that examine specific policy areas in detail. These areas include fiscal federalism issues, internet taxation, state budget reform, and public pensions.

A recent survey of state legislators indicated that tax policy was their top concern. Now is a time when state debt is mounting, budgets are tightening, and states are looking to become more economically competitive. ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force is working to provide economically viable, fiscally responsible, and free market solutions to promote economic growth.

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