Civil Justice


Public Chair: Representative Lance Kinzer, Kansas

Private Chair: Victor Schwartz, Esq., Shook, Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P.

Representative Lance Kinzer


Amy Kjose Anderson, Director
571.482.5027 –

John Eick, Legislative Analyst

Task Force Documents

The Civil Justice Task Force and its members are at the forefront of the efforts to restore fairness and predictability to the civil justice system. The Task Force has worked diligently to promote systematic fairness in the courts through bills to discourage frivolous lawsuits, to fairly balance judicial and legislative authority, to treat defendants in a consistent manner, and to install transparency and accountability in the trial system. Since the inception of its Disorder in the Court project in 1999, ALEC members have introduced more than 400 bills based on ALEC’s legal reform model legislation. The Civil Justice Task Force’s work has resulted in numerous policy publications, state-level issue briefings, expert witness testimony and educational workshops during ALEC meetings.



Victor Schwartz, Esq.

Representative Lance Kinzer


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