Private Sector Membership

Private Sector Membership Overview

The American Legislative Exchange Council is America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state policymakers. The Council brings together nearly one-third of the country’s state legislators and hundreds of business leaders and policy analysts to exchange ideas and share experiences with their counterparts around the country.

Through research, evaluation, analysis and information exchange, the American Legislative Exchange Council is dedicated to collaborating with government, the private sector and the public as they address issues at the intersection of state policy and economic priorities.

Members work together to create policy solutions that improve the lives of millions around the United States. Join the American Legislative Exchange Council and contribute your ideas and experiences to help foster a stable and predictable business environment.

Membership Levels

Washington Club – $7,000

Madison Club – $12,000

Jefferson Club – $25,000

ALEC National Task Forces

ALEC’s eight National Task Forces serve as public policy laboratories where legislators develop model policies to use across the country. Task Forces also commission research, publish issue papers, convene workshops and issue briefings, and serve as clearinghouses of information on free-market policies in the states. Unique to ALEC Task Forces is their public-private partnership, a synergistic alliance that identifies issues and then responds with common sense, results-oriented policies.

Legislators welcome their private sector counterparts to the table as equals, working in unison to solve the challenges facing the nation.

ALEC Conferences