Prison Overcrowding: Alaska

Below is a summary of information including: statistics from Alaska’s Department of Corrections, an overview of the state’s corrections system, as well as helpful references and points of contact.

Facts and Figures FY 2008

DOC Costs

  • Annual budget: $240 million
  • Percentage of the state general fund: 4.7%

DOC Population

  • Total number of facilities: 13
  • Total incarcerated under DOC jurisdiction: 5,344
  • Average sentence served: 24.4 months
  • Average age: 36.41 years

 Organization of state divisions, view here.


  • Facilities: 13
  • Population: 8,263
  • Average age: 36.68 years

Points of Contact

Anchorage Central Office

550 West 7th Street Suite 601
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Juneau Central Office
802 3rd Street
Douglas, Alaska 99824

Organization of DOC Executive Staff, view here.

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