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Senator Dick Durbin is trying to silence pro-liberty voices—like yours. He used the power of his Senate office in a deliberate attempt to intimidate private companies and citizen groups by demanding information about their work with the American Legislative Exchange Council.

No existing law requires the disclosure of such information – and it’s against the Constitution. The First Amendment guarantees Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or assembly.

While anyone may disagree with certain model policies adopted by ALEC, its members have the right to free speech and association. To facilitate a candid and open marketplace of ideas, ALEC protects — and will continue to protect — the privacy of its members and those who participate in its meetings.

Join with ALEC and protect free speech against Senator Durbin’s blatant abuse of power.

Be Heard. Speak Up.

Read the letter signed by more than 300 state legislators from 39 states expressing dismay over Sen. Durbin’s inquiry.

Read ALEC’s original statement rebuking Sen. Durbin’s actions.

Read Sen. Durbin’s letter to businesses and organizations demanding information about their relationship with ALEC.



 “Mr. Durbin knows that if he can drive a wedge between ALEC and its corporate donors, it will help cripple the group’s influence on issues like tax policy and education and remove a significant voice for conservative reform in the states, including Illinois.” The Wall Street Journal

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