ALEC Digital Exchange 02-21-2014

ALEC’s weekly email update for the week of 02-21-2014

Registration is now open for the 2014 Spring Task Force Summit in Kansas City, Mo.

All events will take place at the host hotel, the Kansas City Marriott Downtown.


Did you know? The Country Club Plaza, Kansas City’s premier upscale shopping and dining district, was designed as America’s first suburban shopping center. 

The Plaza is also a popular arts and cultural district, busy with live street music, festivals and art in an old-world architectural setting.

Please make your plans to join lawmakers from around the country for a celebration of limited government, free markets and federalism May 1 and 2.

Click here to register or for more information.
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Newly Released: The States’ Broadband Plan   

The Task Force on Communications and Technology recently released The States’ Broadband Plan: Three Suggested Policies to Promote Broadband in the States.

The States’ Broadband Plan highlights three model policies to expand broadband opportunities across the country.

Click here to download The States’ Broadband Plan.

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American Legislative Exchange Council in the news

Federalism Prohibits Preemption of States on Broadband Safeguards

At the American Legislator, Seth Cooper of the Free State Foundation discusses recent calls for the Federal Communications Commission to preempt states that restrict local government from getting into the financially risky broadband business, and how constitutional principles of federalism may protect the states from federal Internet regulation.

House GOP, Craig push tax relief with plans to cut personal income tax
The Carroll County Times quotes Ben Wilterdink from Tuesday’s Maryland House committee hearing: “Ben Wilterdink, a legislative analyst for the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Center for State Fiscal Reform, pointed to Maryland’s 44th worst ranking for ‘most competitive personal income tax rate’ in Rich States, Poor States, an economic outlook ranking report published by ALEC.” Wilterdink accepted an invitation to testify before the committee.

WI union group shows hypocrisy with SEIU-influenced living wage bill 

Wisconsin-based highlights, and Fox News picks up, an expose on the hypocrisy behind Wisconsin SEIU-backed union legislation and the union-financed group that targets ALEC.

Wolkins’ bill guards against feds’ overstep 

Indiana State Co-Chair Representative David Wolkins writes a letter to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette to explain his proposal protecting Indiana against unelected state bureaucratic environmental regulations that are more cumbersome than the Environmental Protection Agency. 

NH Can Lead on Privacy Protection

In the New Hampshire Union Leader, Alex Rued discusses a proposal gaining ground in the New Hampshire legislature to protect cell phone data from unwarranted searches and seizures.


Other News Clips
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Task Force Tours

Yesterday, Cara Sullivan, director of the Justice Performance Project, held an issue briefing on overcriminalization with legislators in South Carolina.

Yesterday, Jonathan Williams, director of the Center for State Fiscal Reform, gave presentations regarding tax policy to legislators in the Maryland state House and Senate.

Yesterday, Ben Wilterdink of the Center for State Fiscal Reform responded to an invitation to testify before the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee on corporate income tax reduction, personal income tax reduction and a flat tax proposal. Read his testimony on the ALEC Blog.

Lindsay Russell, director of the Task Force on Education, spent this week in both North Carolina and South Carolina, meeting with educational leaders in the respective state legislatures.