ALEC Digital Exchange 01-30-2014

ALEC’s weekly email update for the week of 01-30-2014.

National School Choice Week, January 26 – February 1, 2014 

Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter School Laws, 2014

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has released the 5th annual ranking of state charter school laws.

  • 12 states increased their national rankings
  • 10 of those states made significant improvements. 

Click here to see how your state ranks.   


National School Choice Week Whistle-Stop Tour

Click here to view events in your state.  
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Spring Task Force Summit: May 1 and 2 in Kansas City, MO

Mark your calendars: Early Bird Registration opens Monday, February 3, for the 2014 Spring Task Force Summit in Kansas City.

All events will take place at the host hotel, the Kansas City Marriott Downtown.

Did you know? The Kansas City area has the greatest concentration of barbecue joints of any place in the country.

Kansas City is famous for its barbecue and rich jazz and blues legacy. There is plenty to see, do and eat in this host city.


Please make your plans to join lawmakers from around the country for a celebration of limited government, free markets and federalism on May 1 and 2.

As more information becomes available, it will be posted here.

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American Legislative Exchange Council in the news

State of the Union: 5 things president failed to tell Americans 

John Stephenson, director of the Task Force on Communications and Technology, explained to following the State of the Union that President Obama’s rhetoric is “a positive sign for free-market forces to work in the nation’s technology sector.”

Tax cuts are big for states languishing in economic doldrums, report says 

The Washington Examiner features the State Tax Cut Roundup report by the Center for State Fiscal Reform in an interactive map and article breaking down the various state economies.

How We Should Think About Income Inequality
At The American Legislator, Will Freeland of the Center for State Fiscal Reform discusses the arguments surrounding income inequality. 


Big government does too much, badly 
Ahead of this week’s State of the Union address, National Chair Linda Upmeyer explains the follies of a “big-government-fixes-all mentality” in The Washington Examiner,
American Legislative Exchange Council serves to educate 
The Honorable Hal Wick, SD (HD-12) touts the benefits of ALEC membership to readers of The Argus Leader.  

Consumer Electronics Show: A New Year with Promising New Technologies

At The American Legislator, Alex Rued, policy analyst for the Task Force on Communications and Technology, discusses emerging technologies showcased at last week’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), as well as policy ideas to balance between government regulation, innovation and privacy.


Oklahoma Tax Cuts are Back on Track

Ben Wilterdink, ALEC policy analyst for the Center for State Fiscal Reform, reports at The American Legislator that the Oklahoma legislature is renewing its conversation on tax cuts and explains, “(s)tates do not enact (or fail to enact) policies in a vacuum. Each policy decision a state makes has an impact on their state’s economic competitiveness.”

National School Choice Week – Empower Parents, Improve Student Learning 

Ed Walton, policy analyst for ALEC’s education Task Force, provides alarming results of America’s rank in the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment at The American Legislator.  


Other News Clips


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Task Force Tours

On Tuesday, Sean Riley, director of the Task Force on Health and Human Services, attended a U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee hearing on the impact of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate, which defines full-time employment as 30 hours per week for the purposes of applying the employer mandate. 

Tomorrow, John Stephenson, director of the Task Force on Communications and Technology, will participate along with a number of policy think tanks in a Technology Policy Working Group conference call hosted by the State Policy Network. The working group will focus on technology issues facing the various states and John will present his reactions to a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to overturn parts of the Federal Communications Commission’s so-called ”net neutrality” order.